How I cover up my acne


I’ve been struggling with acne over the past few months now. If you’ve read my post about how I’ve been dealing with it, you know it’s been a difficult time. 

Going from being primarily makeup free for the past few years to now having to apply foundation every day, it’s been an adjustment. I know it’s not necessary to cover up my acne if I go to Trader Joes or to a yoga class. But I’m insecure and I’m learning how to overcome it.

Covering up acne can be a challenge. And applying concealer or foundation might make it look even worse. It can look cakey depending on the foundation's formula or the amount you apply. It can also look dry and crusty from to all the spot treatments drying out your zits. Never a good look. These past few months, I’ve figured out a way to cover up my acne and having my foundation look like my skin. I focus on achieving fresh, dewy skin while covering redness and acne. However, covering bumps is unavoidable as it can easily become cakey. 

This routine contains only BareMinerals products simply because I have found their makeup to be a dependable brand for natural, dewy skin. And it was the first brand my mom had me use when starting out with makeup. So it’s an OG to me.

Now, let’s cover up that acne.


BareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream has been the perfect product to use as a base to cover redness. I have dry skin, so lathering a tinted moisturizer is needed. The shade Buttercream matches my skin tone while also adding a bit of color.

I’ve been realizing the importance of wearing sunscreen on a daily basis, so having a mineral-based SPF 30 in this formula is a huge plus. I used to hate the feeling of wearing foundation and it used to feel like I was making my acne even worse. But wearing a tinted moisturizer basically feels like a lotion while still allowing my skin to breathe. his hydrating foundation doesn’t make dryness an issue for me.


Another way for your skin to easily get dry and cakey is concealer. And concealer tends to be applied in areas where spot treatment also applied. I’ve been using the Bareskin Complete Coverage Serum Concealer in the shade Light. I’ve switched between the Glossier Stretch Concealer and Bareskin over the past couple of years. Since I now have heavier acne, Bareskin has been a suitable product. I’ll apply this concealer with its applicator, dab with my fingers, and blend the rest with a beauty blender. Its silky formula covers imperfections while its mineral-coated pigments brighten and nourish your delicate under eyes.


The BareMinerals Mineral Veil Finishing Powder and I go way back to middle school. This product was the first powder my mom had introduced to me in my beginning stages of wearing makeup. I wear the shade Original. I find this powder to make my foundation and concealer last all day. Its soft, translucent formula is anything but cakey. It has blurring minerals which gives your skin a matte finish. 

Setting Spray

To finish off, I spray the Glossier Soothing Face Mist. It’s formula has rosewater and aloe which hydrates your skin. Essentially, it makes my skin feel like skin after applying makeup.

You might be wondering, did I forget primer? No. For the first time, I’ve been skipping primer as I found it to be useless. Since no longer using one, I haven’t noticed a difference. My makeup lasts all day and it saves me money from buying one extra product in my routine.

TIP: Do you ever feel like your skin looks and feels gross after applying foundation and concealer? Wait about 15 minutes and your makeup will settle. Then, your skin will look and feel like your skin again.


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