Balancing spirituality and a nine-to-five job


Working a nine-to-five job might make spirituality a challenging lifestyle to balance. Prioritizing it in the morning is how digital marketing analyst at Maserati, Melina Navaroli has practiced to sustain a spiritual mindset. Creating a morning routine involving meditation, essential oils and burning incenses, sets the tone for the day before she takes on the corporate world. 

When balancing work and spirituality, she said you need a routine and a room that is your sanctuary before you enter the world. Being consistent is key for practices like mediation to become second nature. Going a day without meditating in the morning will feel like she didn’t shower.

Waking up

Melina has become a morning person after understanding the importance of sleep. She has learned to discipline herself and has benefited from waking up earlier, rather than trying to be productive at night.

When she wakes up at 7:15 a.m., she begins to do a 10-minute transcendental meditation where she repeats a mantra, along with deep breath work.

“It basically clears my mind and I don't really want any distractions from the outside world entering my mind at the beginning of my day,” she said. “‘I'm not my mind. I'm not even my body.’ Saying that enough times, it doesn't leave any room for other thoughts like, ‘Oh my God, what do I make for dinner? How's traffic going to be?’”

In her mediation course, taught by a man who lived with the Dalai Lama for eight years in India, she’s learned that there's no such thing as learning how to meditate.

“You can't just learn how to meditate,” she said. “You actually become meditative. It's a practice just like yoga.”

Skincare Routine

“I use the LOLI Chamomile Lavender Water as my cleanser and toner,” she said. “I like to just put warm water on my face if I don't have much time. Then, I use the LOLI Aloe Blueberry Jelly. I usually wait five minutes after I put the Jelly on. Then, I apply my liquid foundation.”

Makeup Routine

“So, it's pretty simple,” she said. “I've been doing the same thing for the past three years. I use W3LL PEOPLE’s Bio Tint Multi-Action Moisturizer in Medium. It has SPF 30, which really helps. It’s just a tinted foundation. It's really light on my skin. And then, I use Glossier’s Stretch Concealer in Medium. For powder, I use Savvy Minerals Foundation Powder by Young Living in Warm No. 2. It’s lightweight. I use Glossier's Boy Brow in Brown. And then – this is really embarrassing, I've been for this for way too long – I use this two-in-one eyeliner by e.l.f. Cosmetics. It’s an Eyeliner and Shadow Stick. I use Brown/Basic. It's shimmery. It makes my eyes pop in the morning. It really helps my green eyes with the gold in the inner corner and then brown on my lower lash line. For mascara, I use Savvy Minerals by Young Living.”

The Essentials

Skincare: “Honestly I'm really liking LOLI,” she said. “At first, I'm not going to lie, I didn't love it because it was so different. It was really weird to get used to because there's no water in it. It's not mixed with water. It's really weird, but I'm actually really digging it now and I feel very clean afterward.”

Makeup: “I think my eye shadow stick is probably my favorite,” she said. “I would say it’s my signature thing. And definitely the Boy Brow.”


She likes to ease her body into eating breakfast, almost like an engine.

“When you're driving on the road, you're not going to accelerate from zero to 60 in two seconds,” she said. “Same thing goes for your body. But I really want to ease my body into it because your body has been fasting and doing a little cleansing and detoxing overnight.”

She prepares hot lemon water in a 20-ounce Hydro Flask that she drinks on the way to work. She arrives to her desk at around 8:30 a.m. and eats a banana by 8:45 a.m. At 9:30, she’ll eat a Banana and Almond Butter GoMacrobar.

Incorporating spirituality

Fitting spiritual practices into her nine-five job is tough, she said. It hasn’t been an overnight transition as she’s had to experiment with what practices work for her.

“It’s still an ongoing practice,” she said. “One thing that I've actually held consistent since about late May is meditating every day before work. Every bit helps. Even if I'm really tired and I don't have 10 minutes, I just do three deep breaths.” 

Essential oils are a vital part of her daily routine as she uses oils to help her emotionally and physically, such as focusing or alleviating muscle aches.

“Frankincense is really important for meditation,” she said. “It just helps me stay grounded and reminds me of my yoga studio.”

For perfume, she uses the Young Living Valor Roll-On. She describes the scent as “the unicorn oil of confidence and happiness.” In the middle of the day, she’ll use the Young Living Stress Away Essential Oil Blend.

“Stress Away has copaiba, which is basically another form of CBD because it has the same chemical constituents as CBD oil,” she said. “It’s mixed with lime, vanilla and lavender. So, it’s a soothing, calming combination.” 

As she has finally established a spiritual routine, she questions why she didn’t start these practices sooner.

“I feel like if you just wake up and then you run off to work and you don't do anything for yourself beforehand, you’re not filling up your own cup,” she said. “I always feel like I can do more. I wish I could journal in the morning. But honestly, try finding the rituals that really help you and maybe change them up every so often – that's really the biggest thing.


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