My newfound love for Osea Malibu skincare

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I’ve had the same skincare routine for a while. At one point, I found myself getting bored of using the same products and needed a change. Although I loved the products I had been using, I was craving a new routine. I dedicated time to thoroughly research brands to welcome into my bathroom. After many hours of watching YouTube videos and reading articles and reviews, I committed to Osea Malibu, a non-toxic seaweed skincare brand. It’s completely plant-based and seaweed is found in most of their formulas. In the very transparent and informational ingredient section of their website, they explain how they source their seaweed in the Sea of Patagonia. It contains many benefits from which the founder’s grandmother discovered after an injury, where swimming in the ocean had healed her leg. Some of its benefits include hydrating the skin, as well as reducing redness and blemishes.

First off, I’m a sucker for an aesthetically pleasing website and Instagram feed — making it love at first sight. And don’t even get me started with their packaging. Osea’s products are made out of glass with the most convenient, efficient dispensers. My first purchases included the Ocean Cleansing Milk, Ocean Cleanser, Atmosphere Protection Cream and Essential Corrective Complex.

Ocean Cleansing Milk

I am aware that sudsy cleansers can strip your natural oils, and this cleanser felt foreign when first applying. It literally feels like I’m lathering milk on my face. I have very dry skin, so I knew milky cleansers are hydrating. I can’t stand that tight feeling I get with normal cleansers. The Cleansing Milk’s main ingredients are organic algae, water lily extract, rose flower, Cassie flower, and DPHP, an amino acid compound. All of these products formulated into a cleanser gives you soothed and baby soft skin. And of course, it’s cleansing. I knew cleansing skin with this product wasn’t going to feel thoroughly clean, but after a few uses, I understood the milky consistency. My skin felt supple and not at all tight. I have redness around my cheeks I’m curious to see how water lily extract will reduce it. 

Ocean Cleanser

Many of Osea’s products are seaweed-derived, including this cleanser. Since I was skeptical of using a milky cleanser, I also wanted to a product for normal skin — in case I needed a little more of a soapy cleanser. This cleanser is formulated with cypress oil, jojoba seed oil, juniper leaf essential oil, and lactic acid. They derive their lactic acid from fermented beets that gently exfoliates dry and sensitive skin. I’ve been getting some uninvited blemishes around my cheeks and chin, and the cypress oil reduces them. Since I do have dry skin, this cleanser can make my skin feel a little tight, so I plan to use it about every two days as it has exfoliating benefits in it.

Atmosphere Protection Cream

This product is the perfect lightweight moisturizer. And it smells heavenly, thanks to its natural fragrance of pure lavender and geranium. What an iconic duo. I pumped the product twice to apply the perfect amount all over my face and neck. It’s silky, soothing, and hydrating. Its key ingredients include algae extract, avocado oil, jojoba seed oil, lavender oil, macadamia seed oil, and shea butter. The ingredients that stand out to me the most are jojoba seed oil as it plumps my skin, and shea butter as it helps protect my skin from pollution — hence the word “protection” in its name. The fatty acids, phytosterols, vitamin E, D and provitamin A inside the shea butter that nourishes to shield skin.

Essential Corrective Complex

I already use essential oils as a spot treatment, so I was happy when this corrective roller was made purely out of essential oils. The product makes my skin a bit dry, especially if I’m wearing makeup. I haven’t noticed a total difference in the diminishment of my blemishes, but I have noticed some soothing to them. The product is made for oily and blemish-prone skin, and while I have dry skin, I make sure to only apply in areas where my blemishes reside. Its main ingredients contain cypress oil, jojoba oil, juniper leaf essential oil, rosemary leaf oil, tea tree oil, and white tyme. I used to use tea tree essential oil as my main spot treatment, and it helps diminish blemishes without drying out my skin. I actually use cypress essential oil on my abdomen during my menstrual cycle. It contains antioxidant compounds that can remove toxins in the body. I’m a big essential oils girl, so I feel like I can make this product myself. Because of that, I might not repurchase it.

Let me know if you’ve tried Osea’s products and share your experiences with their products!


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